There's a new trend in the digital hyper-local, hyper-targeted personalization of online advertising targeting businesses, business owners, agency owners and marketers.

What's Old, Is New

We've noticed an uptick from our clients and our personal social media accounts, targeted online ads from, self identifying "experts" with the same message: "Marketing is broken, check out my process instead and generate revenue". Our founder, Phillip, shares his take on this and offers insight for the two books everyone should have on their shelves in episode 5 of TPA's Feedback Friday series.

Marketing Isn't Broken

If you look at what these individuals are doing, is the same as what we've all learned in marketing: 

1) Identify the problem

2) Communicate this to your target audience

3) Offer the solution

Identify the Problem

The best way to go about this, and as David Ogilvy points out, is to do so by performing research. Research comes in a variety of forms today, but this still holds true.

Communicate the Problem

Your target audience will resonate and connect with the problem you're identifying in your advertisement. This is especially important for direct response advertising and B2B (business to business) marketing.

Offer the Solution

Using your brand, product and research, share the solution that you have to offer through your advertising.


There are two books that Phillip identified which have proven to be of value for marketers for decades:

1) Ogilvy on Advertising

2) Propoganda

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Phillip Perlman

Phillip is the founder and CEO of TPA. His background in marketing includes: higher education, restaurant, legal, automotive and medical.

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