7 Reasons Why to Use Webflow

Disclaimer - we're not being paid or sponsored to give you this information and advice. We simply thought you'd like to know.

We're intentionally keeping this post short, because... "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!"

A Brief History

Once upon a time, Webflow was in its infancy, and it was cute. But the power of it, to take a design and see it come to life with ease and real break-points made it worth a try... especially with a client's request to turn around a regional restaurant's new brand launch. But the real task was that they wanted it in WordPress.

Now, why would WordPress be mentioned in an article featuring Webflow? Simply put, Webflow enabled the team to design and build a website that would go live, while the WordPress site could get built. There wasn't enough time to move that many mountains for a WordPress site. Webflow was our hero. It was the start of an ongoing relationship for the agency.

Without further delay, here are our 7 Reasons Why to Use Webflow:

1) Speed

Not just site speed (because it does a great job at managing and optimizing scripts), but from concept to live, it's lightning fast. (Okay, we know lightning travels almost 186,000 miles/sec... It's humanly impossible to build a website that fast, but you get the point.)

Keanu wants you to get on this bus of speed.

2) Pixel Perfect Code

As mentioned in the opening example, if you need a website designed and hosted somewhere else, or built out in a different platform: simply export the site you built and hand it off to your development team.

*not this Pixel Perfect

3) Hosting

Webflow makes this dead simple. Hosting is managed through the product itself. No guess-work in trying to get the right server. It's also scalable, so that moment you hit your target audience and go viral, your website will stand.

Make a splash with your audience with some great hosting.

4) CMS & API

The built-in API allows you to host a massive CMS collection, and have the ability to edit from outside the platform with your own custom integration to their API.

We mean massive... like bigger than a super computer.

5) Backups

Backups are automated, you can save as you go, and you can reference past versions down to the setup that was there for design and interactions.

Yeah. It's that good.

6) Content Editor

The Content Editor is a life savor for teams. Especially if you need someone to review and edit a version of the site in development, or make changes to the live version of the site without messing up the design of the website.

So easy, it's almost funny.

7) Price

It's extremely affordable. You would think a service like this would cost hundreds, like an Adobe product. But it doesn't. (Unless you're running over 10k CMS entries, then you'll need to talk with them about premium services). But for the general site build, you'd be crazy to not consider building and hosting your site with Webflow.

Mo Money for your bottom line.

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