Job Description

Come join a unique national advertising consulting firm. We're actively looking to fill the position of Creative Graphic Designer to our team.

This position has the benefit of working remote (that's right, even though most of us are in the Greater Chicago and Phoenix areas, you have the flexibility to work from home).

You will work collaboratively and take charge of client projects for front-end web design, and other graphic design projects. Must possess and have a working knowledge or background with staying on top of deadlines, and knowing how to prioritize when changes are made to a project.

This position reports to the director of operations and executive leadership.

Qualifications / experience

Must be able to multi-task, prioritize and have an aptitude and willingness to try, fail, learn and build upon each success and failure. Possess an understanding of general marketing and business operations. Knowledge of marketing and advertising solutions, platforms and tools such as, Adobe products, Webflow (web design platform), Wordpress, Canva, Social Media Channels and Digital Ad Units is a plus (you'll be working and communicating with a team that leverages these assets).

Most important: have a background in web design and troubleshooting various web design front-end applications and platforms. We work a lot with customized third party solutions and client built platforms. Chances are if you like designing the next unicorn solution and/or looking at the code of websites to see how that site was designed, this is the agency and job for you.

We're interested in finding the right person to join our agency. Are you desiring to thrive? If so, please apply.

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